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[Pinned] General Funsies Rules

Feel free to post whatever you find on the internet which you find/found funny. Please be aware of shocking images, should you want to share them please state it may be shocking and do not use the image tags!
Small Dawn 4y
Dawn11321Small Dawn 4y

Pics from a Lalafell wedding

In case Prikkie decides one day to take the big step :D
Small Kielari 3y
Kielari33658Small Gohan Uchiha 2y

Fun game for the new 3.1 update

Ok so 3.1 update: As Goes Light So Goes Darkness is around the corner. And i am curious about the release date. Soo i want to play a game.The one who can guess the date and time the closest of the release date can win and choose a Minion that can ...
Member avatar small Beradon Evers 2y
Beradon Evers01893Member avatar small Beradon Evers 2y

Happy EID !!!

Happy eid for any1 who celebrate it ,wish u all the best ^^ ...
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Maitha Sms22659Small Adrian Li 2y

Small Sitellya Li 2y
Sitellya Li02210Small Sitellya Li 2y

An Easter Train

Happy Easter All
Small Sitellya Li 2y
Sitellya Li22745Small Prikkie 2y

Disney Parody - 4 songs

Will you help me hide a body ? :D ... Full version you help me hide a body?C'mon we can't delayNo one can see him on the floor, Get him out the door,Before he can decay!I thought you were my bu...
Small Wemmetje Moonlight 3y
Wemmetje Moonlight02253Small Wemmetje Moonlight 3y

Funnie video's

These were videos where wem and I had too much LoL kind of video's do you like?
Small Prikkie 3y
Prikkie01727Small Prikkie 3y

FC Meeting RL - Part 2 :-P

For the ones that missed out on the previous FC meeting, there will be a next change to meet your other FC members in RL :DThe plans:Having a BBQ at Wem's place (Beverwijk) :DDate:Saturday 02-08-2014 :D and Sunday 03-08-2014 (for the ones that sle...
Small Wemmetje Moonlight 3y
Wemmetje Moonlight1611093Small Wemmetje Moonlight 3y

This one made me lol :-)

I just couldn't resist not to share this one :P
Small Wemmetje Moonlight 4y
Wemmetje Moonlight11784Small Wemmetje Moonlight 4y

[Dutch] In Real Life Meeting! (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

There are plans to do an In Real Life Meeting in the month of March. This is an event where everyone meets each other.. in real life ofcourse. :) Now you'll be able to see who is insulting you on teamspeak! Haha, just kidding ofcourse.We are plann...
Small Neira Stardancer 4y
Neira Stardancer107430Small Wemmetje Moonlight 4y
Wemmetje Moonlight21971Small Wemmetje Moonlight 4y

FFXIV Lore 1.0 naar A Realm reborn

Ik begreep van best veel mensen die 1.0 nog niet gespeeld hebben dat ze bepaalde dingen in de Lore nog steeds niet begrepen. Wat is Dalamud? Wat en wie zijn de Allagan? Hoe is Bahamut vrijgekomen? Wie zijn nou de Garleans? etc etc. Ik heb daarbij ...
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Beradon Evers11489Member avatar small Beradon Evers 4y
Kissit Better21784Small Dawn 4y
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