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Thank you message from the officers.

Beradon Evers / Jun 17, 2015
Howdy FC members ^^ ,
We are all excited about Heavensward and I am sure no one can wait much longer for the new expansion. But let’s take a look back in what we achieved so far in A realm reborn.

As first we want to say that as AC we had meet many great friends and have close connections with FC's like Lotus and Dango who helped us a lot with crafting/raiding etc. and we will try to keep close connections with them. (Heavensward should get a FC alliance system if its 100% confirmed we are trying to get an alliance with them)


As AC standing now we can proudly say we are a great FC who cleared all the content we could in the Final fantasy XIV ARR game together. We achieved many things. A long time ago we cleared The first Coil of Bahamut, before the second Coil of Bahamut launched. We cleared the Second coil and the Last coil as well, way before time, and we achieved even some Savage coils a few weeks before the Heavensward launch. And we think we can be proud of that. All the primals stood no match for us as well. We have a good AC second group on the roll again, who had some startup problems, here and there, but are now good to go for Heavensward so we can be proud that we will have 2 groups running again on Heavensward.
So as u can see we achieved a lot together and we hope we will get those kind of achievements in Heavensward as well.


As all the casual members who are not raiding because they dont have enough time or that its just not their thing i want to so thank you aswell. We appreciate your help with craftings and just talking in the FC and being there. Also with the succes of our Facebook channel what we introduced + the website thats getting more attention i can say that its easier to communicate aswell with everyone and i think we all enjoy that so far. I would like to add that i hope we are gonna make more use of Teamspeak for Heavensward including for dungeons but just talking and knowing eachother more would be awesome for old members and new members alike.

This FC would never exist without you guys. We want to thank you that you are always online, be there for each other, and help each other out. And not to mention, all of the many hours of laughs we've had on TeamSpeak,hoping for many more to come.
This means that people feel safe in this FC and want to be here.

With that said, Let's all have some fun with Heavensward!


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