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AC meeting 17-06-2015

Prikkie / Jun 26, 2015
17th June 2015 we had a AC meeting on TS. Everyone could say something they like to change in the FC. Well here are some topics :D

Before Heavensward we helped some people with a Wishlist. This was a succes! The most people got there goal, they really wanted before the expansion.
Some people like to have it planned in the calander once in 2 weeks so we have a day to help people who needs some help.

FC vault
We are gonna split the FC vault. 1 slot will be for crafters (ingrediƫnts they need for crafting), 1 slot for raiders (food, potions, etc.), and 1 slot for some "trash" (like minions, brooms, food for chocobo, seeds for the gardens, etc.). People who are crafting and raiders gonna get the access to the slots they need. So if you need something and you can't get to that slot, ask someone in the FC.

Crafting & Gathering
For the airship we need some crafters and gatherers. Who like to level one?
Here are the poeple who already like to level one:
- Linadhin (Goldsmith)
- Raven (Weaver)
- Chiana (Alchemy)
- Adrian (Miner)
- Prikkie (Botanist)
If you also like to level one, just say it in the comments. It can also be a same class as someone else is leveling :D

In one week, the first raid will be in game. So please level first your main character when you are in one of the raiding groups and gear them up! :D It can als be handy to level a second job, just in case in a fight the other job is better.

There is still one spot left in the Mooglings. This is a dps spot. We already have a SMN, BRD and NIN as dps. Do you like to join? Talk with Linadhin.

The news for the first static is that Noble is coming back! :D
Angel and Sin were the back-ups for Noble and Geani and we are glad to had them in our group. Thank you for helping us guys! :D
Balteraxe isn't coming back :(. One positive side... he is back in game :D
That means there is also a spot left in the first static, We need a NIN or DRG to fill that spot *MNK only if we can't find a NIN or DRG*. U think u can handle the spot and like to join? Talk with Beradon.

IRL meeting
This August will be a IRL meeting.We already had some IRL meetings, but this is the first time we do it inernational.
We like to do it every year in a another country. This year it is in the Netherlands.
Sitellya and Chiana like to set-up the next one in England.

AC meeting
We like to do a AC meeting once in a month. You can say what you like to change or some other stuff. This will also be in the calander.



Why is there no mentioning of me wanting balter as officer :O
I would think that was one of the most important things we discussed.

Oh well, at least im back! (until i break something else again)
You weren't there, be there next time XD

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