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Winds of Change

Beradon Evers / Aug 01, 2016
Hello Aetherized Crystal my Friends!

Winds of Change !!!

As u guys may have noticed is that the activity on Aetherized Crystal is getting lower and lower lately. Less people online, More inactive members and less people in this guild. This has a few factors why this is happening. Most it has to do about the game itself. Some it has to do about the Leadership and i take full responsible for that.

The game just isnt that much appealing anymore for some + summer is there so thats why the inactivity also raised higher.
For me i have personally not find it as fun anymore to log in aswell as i used to had except for the raids, and most what i can find fun is being bussy with my own static group and is doing Alexander Midas savage runs and thats it. I cant find myself to do much other things or to level other characters up. And if the FC leader feels that way i think it maybe factors to the whole FC aswell as there is nothing much to do aswell.

I am very happy that i got control and leadership 2 years ago when this Free Company was starting to slowly die and builded it up again with this great community and have invited many great friends who are still in this Free company this day in here. There has a lot happened in these years aswell, We had Alliances with other Free Companies. We had a awesome Free Company meeting and a lot of friends. We had great events and fun Free Company Teamspeak meetings with a lot of help from u people. We had great Free company raid group kills And we had even 2 groups running for some time.

But that magic is sparking off lately and as much as i tried with help from my officer group aswell inviting new people etc i cant seem to motivated myself the will to build everything up and great again and also see that our attemps isnt really working anymore is making me feel a bit sad.

So last weeks i have been really thinking what i want to do and trying to find a solution to this problem. The only real solution at this moment in my eyes is to bring some Fresh wind through this Free Company .This can only be done with new leadership and herby i announced that i will drop my Leadership status and give it back to where it once was at the start of this Free company. Prikkie will be the new Aetherized Crystal Leader and i hope with her new ideas and mind that she will bring this Free Company again where it should!

For the mean time i will still be the Static raid leader and any Raid questions or buffs u can still come to me ^^

Once again i want to thank everyone of u guys for the amazing 2 years i had as leader of this Free Company!


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