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Beradon Evers / Jun 01, 2015
Hello guildies, we are preparing ourselfs for Heavensward and their are things our members still want to complete before the new expansion.

The last week before Heavensward we are going to focus on instead of raiding, helping u guys out.

If u got a wishlist of things u want to complete like Shiva EX mount or Turn 5? Turn 9? or Turn 13? or something else *storyline* just put it on here. and we will make a schedule in the last week what we gonna do.There is only a requirement that u atleast have seen a guide or video what u have to do in those fights. Max of list is 2 things because we need to make everyone happy.

Put them in a order what u like to do most.
1. FCOB Turn 13
2. Ramuh EX Mount

Lets try to make many wishes true and get ready for Heavensward:)

Prikkie / Apr 19, 2015
Hi everyone,

We talked about the IRL meeting next summer. Now I found a house for 15 people And if there will be 15 people, the price per person will be: €73,40, but if we have a good behavoir and hold everything in one piece, then we get per person €13,- back.

For the people that live outside the Netherlands they don’t have to pay for the food we will be eating in the house. So it will be the costs of your travel to the Netherlands, the house and ofc the fun things we are gonna do.

In short the information:
Date: 14 till 17 august 2015
Price house: 73,40 (if 15 people sign in) and €13,- back with good behavior and and hold everything in one piece
Food: €35,- each (People from the Netherlands)
You can sign in to set a comment below this post with your name

If you sign in you can’t leave anymore, because I (Prikkie) count on it because of the money.

If you have signed in also tell me what you like to do :D.

The people that like to join are:
- Prikkie
- Ginkeltjes (old member)
- Beradon
- Vi Pilt'over (member first static)
- Vi Pilt'overs girlfriend
- Kielari
- Sitellya
- Claudia (Xander)
Prikkie / Mar 24, 2015
Hi everyone,

From now on we have a schedule for the Fc buffs. This means you can time when you want to level something or want to raid.

This also means that we lose a lot Seals to buy those buffs. That’s why we want to ask to gain it back by doing the next things:
  • Sell your green gear that drops from dungeons to your Grand Company. You will earn Grand Company Seals and we also get Company Seals for the FC.
  • Inviting New Members
  • Crafting anything High Quality
  • Gathering anything High Quality
  • Completing FATEs
  • Completing Duties --> Dungeons
  • Completing Quests
  • Earning Achievements

Have fun playing! :)